No Traction In Your Job Search? 5 Steps In Overcoming Job Search Stress

No Traction In Your Job Search? 5 Steps In Overcoming Job Search Stress

“Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.” – Jack Canfield

Job searching is not easy. The stress, sadness, anxiousness, low self-esteem, worry and many more confusing emotions are felt by many job seekers. Or maybe you’re content in life but your job search has just not gained any traction yet. Whatever feeling you are experiencing that is keeping you from being positive during your job search, here are some tips and tricks to help you change your outlook.

1: Mindset.

Your mindset can be the one thing that is coming in the way of your outlook on your job search. Changing your mindset from relying on your talents and intelligence to bring you success, to a love of learning and resilience you will see a shift in your job search. This can be done by identifying and acknowledging your fixed mindset. “I am putting all my effort in this job search and no results so I am probably not good enough for these jobs” Challenging that mindset. “All this effort is helping me learn about the labor market but the strategies I am currently using may not be effective. I need to learn more about effective job search strategies.” Then take action on the growth mindset. Make the decision to act on it, chose the mindset that will allow you to grow and work hard.


2: Narrowing Down Your Search.

If you are taking a pessimistic approach and a fixed mindset to your search then it’s no wonder your job search is yielding no results. Or maybe, your search is just too broad and general.

Narrowing down your search is effective as it allows you to concentrate your job search on a specific area that matches up with your values, strengths and interests. You will feel more excited to look for work that aligns with who you are and that fulfills you.

3: Spend Your Energy On Details You Can Control.

What can you control in your job search? Instead of worrying about not hearing back from recruiters, focus on what you can do to improve yourself and your job search. Are you passively job searching? Don’t limit yourself to online job postings. What you can do is to tap into the hidden job market. Network and build relationships with professionals in your fields of interest. Having someone on the inside is often better than credentials. Invest time in your professional development if you are lacking certain competencies and skills pertinent to your dream job.



4: Step Back & Collect Your Thoughts.

If you’ve spent every day for the past few weeks (or months) focusing on your job search and your feeling overwhelmed, then its times for a break. Step away from the job portals, LinkedIn, and social media all together. Sometimes taking a step back is the best thing you can do for your job search. Take a weekend getaway, a stroll in the park, a night out with your friends or even a staycation with you and Netflix. Take some time to self-reflect and live in the moment. Whatever you decide to do, make it something fun, relaxing and that just distracts you from your work. That break can help you come back with a new approach or even help you discover what you really want to pursue as a career.


5: Remember, You Are Not Alone.

Hundreds and even thousands of job seekers have been where you are and some of them are people you know. Don’t forget to pick up the phone and reach out to your support system like family, friends, or even a career coach. Often times, just venting and talking about your feeling can alleviate stress and allow you to come up with solutions to your own struggle.


If you do not feel that you can talk to people around you then seek the help of a professional. Career Coaches understand what you are going through. They are here to help you redefine your job search but also help you build the confidence that your job search may have taken away from you.


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