An Update on Recruitamentary: What Our Mission Statement is, & What It Is Not.

An Update on Recruitamentary: What Our Mission Statement is, & What It Is Not.

I’d like to take a moment to make something perfectly clear in this post:

What Recruitamentary is, and is not.

What it is:

A place where one can find supportive, informative and humorous content on and -for guest speakers, helpful content and articles, getting to the topics and painpoints that matter to you in your career, regardless as to what side of the table you sit on.

#Recruitamentary #Podcast, #YouTube Series and #Website #Resourceplatform – Be it a #jobseeker, #hiringmanager , #careercoach, #staffingcompany or #recruiter- if you have a valuable message as a resource, you have a place here to contribute, learn and find resource.

What Recruitamentary is not:

A salespiece, platform, or marketing vessel for anything else except for providing amazing, effective and helpful content. Be it articles, podcast episodes or all other aspects of content. I respect all who I have on and who I work with, until they break that rule.If you are using this experience as a platform to make money on those without any care, this is not the place for you.

I do not, nor will I ever ask anyone to “work for free”, as part of the brand. The people you see as guests or career resources are there because I believe in their experience, their story and what they can do to impact the career conversation directly, rather than complaining.

Please remember, any and all created content, video, articles and video on this platform, is owned by Recruitamentary Resources, unless an article or piece of content is mentioned otherwise. Please do not use this content for your own profit or personal career business, unless discussed otherwise.

Thank you all who have been a part of this amazing series thus far. 🙂


Michael MidKnight, Founder and Creator of Recruitamentary

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