Recruitamentary’s Coming of Age Tale.

On and off for the past 10 or so years, It has been increasingly more difficult to create quality in person relationships with key gatekeepers for potential work opportunities. In recent years especially, it became quite clear just how fragmented and distorted being recruited and canvased for opportunity really was.

Less than stellar conversations with Hiring Managers and Recruiters –


So many talented resources, struggling to be connected to the right people and the right network at the right time. It shouldn’t be a guessing game; there are some amazing Recruiters, Career Coaches, Life Coaches, Resume Writers and Job & Career Advocates in the world, many who are relatively unknown that should be sought after. It should not and cannot be this good and this bad at the same time. This would be the point in the story where all good resumes would wither up and cease to exist, where the hero fails and throws in the towel. No more, no longer. With Recruitamentary, it doesn’t have to be.


With effective, creative and humorous tailored content, Recruitamentary focuses on topics and strategy for fast tracking the next steps in your career choice. And it is a choice – No individual should be taking on job after job that they can’t stand. Learn, grow, focus, laugh and gain insight into the most important thing in your life: Your Future.

Mission focused episodic content dedicated to drive your next Career Opportunity. Collaborations and Guest Speakers from different industries and backgrounds across the globe, discussing what matters most in today’s job market and talent search. Begin your next steps for success, today, with Recruitamentary.