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Michael MidKnight

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Some Of Our Recent Guestspeakers & Content Authors.

As with a good Broadway production or effective project completion, no good outcome is without the great people and groups responsible for making this a reality. Here are some of those great people.


Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Next.

Kyle Elliott

Career & Life Coach. Speaker.

Erin Stoll

Podcast Guest

Sobia Akhtar

HR / Project Coordinator

Brian Robinson

Talent Acquisition Leader

Sara Berkholtz

Recruiter. Speaker.

Sania Khiljee

Entrepreneur. Speaker. Podcast Guest.

Kaylee Houde

Career Coach.

Adam R. Connors

Social Architect | Podcast Host

Ben Cattaneo

Chief Risk Adviser / Podcast Host

Kacy Knight

Staffing Guy. Series Guest.

Marie Narsoo

Student Career Coach.

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