Recruiters Recruiters Recruiters..
What a misunderstood bunch.

Many who flock to your communication or missed phone call believe that you are a master magician, conjuring up jobs for one, for all, merely out of thin air. Many in the crowd are conjurers of cheap parlor tricks, who provide the same limited time only hustle that is sent out thru the interwebs, across the country – the world even.

Perhaps you don the name “Dan Johnson” to sound more akin to the culture, causing further distrust into the Recruiter population.

Within the ranks, there are standout brethren to be herald of their coming, and at the very least to be congratulated. You take all the notes you need during conversations with potential talent, balancing your schedule and workload with a grace that would make a Starbucks barista jealous.
You don’t send a blanket email – you reach out to a candidate personally, directly yet with authentic warmth. You leverage your experience and resources so that you don’t burden down the process of communication. You call, and call, and call again, sharing the good news or defeat with the candidate, always having them in the back of your mind as you sift thru hundreds of possible candidates for that next job that fits them best. Recruitamentary is for you.

Well all of you are welcome – those who spray and pray resumes can take a number and get in the waiting line though.

Learn why one resume is preferred over the other. Reach out to featured guests like Darla Shaw of Forever Hire, Erin Stoll, or Kyle Elliott if their message resonates with you. At the end of the day, kind of recruiter people see you as, is all on you. Good or Bad.

Its time to step up, and become the person you were always destined to be. Take the next steps in stride with your husband hand in hand. Be the positive influence you know you can be, step out into LinkedIn and make those connections, forge those partnerships with candidates where time permits, and above all, just remember that someone’s child, son or daughter, husband or wife, even family, hang in the balance when you take on the role of Recruiter.

Do you call back? If not, make today the day you begin to, even if your company says its a waste of time. People, are not a waste of time. Just don’t forget us when you make it, and don’t forget to pay it forward when it comes time, when others look to you as a favorited mentor.

Begin your next steps, today.