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Making Excuses: The Fallout of Failure.

As many folks know my relentless worklife, work ethic and drive, this really comes down to the fact of being focused on reasonable timing, communication and budget of resource, personnel…
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An Update on Recruitamentary: What Our Mission Statement is, & What It Is Not.

I’d like to take a moment to make something perfectly clear in this post: What Recruitamentary is, and is not. What it is: A place where one can find supportive,…
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No Traction In Your Job Search? 5 Steps In Overcoming Job Search Stress

“Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.” – Jack Canfield Job searching is not easy. The stress, sadness, anxiousness, low self-esteem, worry…
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Little to No Experience: Internships And How To Find One.

You’re in your 3rd year or last year of your post-secondary education, perhaps you even graduated. Now you sit and wonder how to get experience in your field. You ask…
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Confidence or the Job Seeker - Lets talk about it. By Kaylee Houde

Recently Featured in the AllThingsRisk Podcast: Ep. 88: Michael MidKnight – Creativity and Design in Careers and Beyond

Was featured as a guest on allthingsrisk with Ben Cattaneo – Great conversation just about all real aspects of the business, creatives and how I came to be where I…
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What kind of resume should I use? Choosing a format.

Choosing a resume format depends on two key things: (1) who you are and (2) what your end goal is. There are two key types of resumes, chronological and functional.…
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10 Ways to Combat Smondays

“That moment that Sunday stops feeling like Sunday and the anxiety of Monday kicks in.” This is the definition of Smonday. It is felt by those of us that do…
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Recruitamentary: Post: “Networking: Real Talk” With Michael MidKnight

Networking: Real Talk

By Michael MidKnight About a month ago to the day, I checked out a local networking event on my side of town. Being on the phone, in the office or…
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Mind The Gap: Explaining Career Gaps with Ease

“Tell me about this gap on your resume…” It is the dreaded question that you know the recruiter is going to ask you. You have no idea what to say.…
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Recruitamentary Post: Transactional Value vs Long Term Business Support | By Michael MidKnight

Transactional Value vs Long Term Business Support

By Michael MidKnight A friend of mine decided they had enough with their old vehicle, and decided it was time for a trade in. They were convinced that having a…
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