Relative Negativity – How to Engage, Confront & Combat It.

Relative Negativity – How to Engage, Confront & Combat It.

The people who always seem to have drama going on in their lives. Who want to relive those hard times over and over at those family get togethers. Those people who just focus on the sky falling personally, professionally, or perhaps with more serious malicious intent.

People do not agree for a majority of reasons – and that’s perfectly fine! Disagreements and harboring ill will or stewing your saltiness are two completely different things.

I’ve found myself a few times recently in these situations myself, hearing the painpoints of others has a time, place and shelf life. To be an observer in other’s lives as those toxic people infect and deter their thinking can be exhausting, brutal and detract from your objectives you set out to tackle.

What are some especially toxic or negative situations have you found yourself in recently?

What did you do to get your mindset back on track? Was the negative person receptive to your request or direction?

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Shoutout to Kyle Elliott for being the tipping point in making this video. Connect with him here if you have not already:



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