Being the Boss

Being the Boss

Known for their cruel, tyrannical, sadistic and extreme ways, their reliability is indeed as questionable as their perversion.

Wait, those are notes on Caligula, a Roman emperor who ruled from AD 37 to AD 41. Lets start that over.

Being an owner, partner, the head of the professional table, the one who calls the shots, may indeed seem like a glamorous title. Many people talk about how they can do things differently, better or even better yet, want to be their own boss and quit the 9-5 “game”. Many employees still find favor and loyalty with their company, if not exactly direct, direction or attention from the owners and operators. They find it to be a place of family, hard work, honest practice. They like where they are and what they come to work to do and be a part of. Unfortunately, in many cases, as with any important priority that has our attention, many Bosses have a laser focus usually on 3 things, putting out fires, creating partnerships, and generating profit, usually on a normal day in that order.

More often than not, they will miss out on the day to day success of the individual, and sacrifices they take on to make this well oiled or perhaps dilapidated machine we fix, what it is today. They may ask to table any pay increase talk or “let’s hold off on that as I just spent x for y”. Always know your value of your employees and vendor partners. Appreciate them if you can directly – many of those, including myself, almost never take a lunch to work thru the fires they put out daily. There is a big difference between asking loyalty, and asking sacrifice beyond means what will burn an employee out over the course of time. You may lose a valuable resource to a competing company if you become too focused on the company.

Nobody leaves a company where they feel they can make a difference.

Almost always there are individuals that want to step up and do more, and are perfect candidates to be cross trained in answering phones for customers, sitting in on certain potential partner meetings or stepping up to support upcoming trade shows.

They leave because we haven’t done our job. A good teacher does not say “Well most of my other students got it, your son or daughter just isn’t getting it.” They find a way to change their teaching for those they think can do it. 65% isn’t good enough for them. 99% or better is as low as they will allow themselves to go.

Grow your talent, nurture them, but don’t mislead them.

There are many, many aspects of business that both sides of the table are unaware of, be receptive to the conversation, always lead with an example of success as well as failure. As a leader, there are many eyes watching you when you are at a loss – practice what you preach. Your family needs their breadwinner to be the leader they know you to be. As does your business needs their father or mother figures. It makes all the difference.

Employees, develop those relationships with your supervisors, managers and bosses.Make sure that you are furthering your career with whatever you may be doing, even if its answering phones, flipping burgers or packing groceries. Take classes, certifications, or take time on the side to research a new product or service for the company that you work with – and make time to speak to them and share your thoughts and pitch if and when possible. If you are not able to do this, or the people you answer to are not available for this, its a sign that perhaps other opportunities are in store for you; and maybe its time to seek them out.


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