Deception & Integrity

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For those who work based on creating partnerships & creating strategy & content for other brands / businesses, you are going to see a lot of emails.

Like an email from “Dan Johnson”, who reached out via email several times about a great opportunity, to have the phone ring before hitting “send” had cooled off. “Dan’s” VA area code, accent & mumbling cadence made obvious, if the 8:30pm at night phone call didn’t already, that Dan was not a credible asset. He probably was not even in this country.

Unfortunately, this can be the norm for those who are legitimately looking for work / companies to consult with.

In a recent position with a smaller company, a manger thought it was funny to take work devices into the bathroom – put them down his pants – take shirtless selfies, making those images the wallpaper for those devices before returning them to his co-worker’s stations. These people still have their jobs. The question isn’t can you find work – its Yes. The question really is, “Would I be ok with myself if I was doing the same thing in the same situation?” Would you?

Be authentic. Invest time. Keep it Classy this Friday.


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