Embracing Change: 3 Ways to Leverage Self-Motivation

Embracing Change: 3 Ways to Leverage Self-Motivation

Embracing Change-3 Ways to Leverage Self-Motivation

Motivation is fostered when your dissatisfaction with something alongside your vision for something different is combined with your clarity around first steps. When these 3 aspects, dissatisfaction, vision and first steps become greater than the fear of change, your motivation will succeed.

This philosophy on motivation comes from the realm of psychology, often referred to Beckhard’s Formula for Change. The formula looks like this:

When you get stuck in complaint mode, “I hate my job, I hate my boss, I can’t stand the work I do…” you can leverage your dissatisfaction. This, in turn, may inspire your vision. When you can visualize a future self that is in alignment with what you do want, versus what you don’t, you are more likely to move forward.

However, what this formula tells us is that it is not enough to know what you want and don’t want. You also need those first realistic and attainable steps. The smallest first step can develop the momentum needed to overcome resistance to change.

How then, do you use this formula in your everyday life to foster self-motivation? Easy!

  • Get clear about your dissatisfaction
  • Flip your dissatisfaction on its’ head to create a vision
  • Determine the first few steps forward, and take action

Getting clear about your dissatisfaction

Rarely is it recommended that you ruminate on the negative. This usually is not beneficial to create inspired action. However, what is important about this step is the clarity. Knowing what you do not want and what you dislike the most about your present situation can leverage you into clarifying the opposite. The opposite of what you hate is usually what you like. Give it a try. Write out a list regarding everything you dislike about your current situation. When you are ready, next to each item write out what you want instead. This is step two.

Flip your dissatisfaction on its’ head to create a vision

Locus of control is another psychology term that plays a large role in our satisfaction. As you create a vision, if it depends on the external world to achieve it you are less likely to feel motivated.

However, if you can link what you want to how you personally can get it, you are applying an internal locus of control. This internal measuring stick will allow you to take responsibility for your own vision. Nobody else is going to hand you your dream life, only you can.

As you notice your list of dissatisfaction, write out what you would like to have instead. Notice what you can control versus what you cannot. Take responsibility for your vision.

Determine the first few steps forward, and take action

This is really all about momentum. It does not matter how small the baby steps are. In fact, the smaller the better because they will be easier to carry out. Taking the first tiny step forward, enrolling in the webinar or calling that friend, is all it takes to start the ball rolling.

The first step that motivated my business model, for example, was researching prices for my packages. I spent a few hours and noticed that I had a viable service and business model and was inspired to write a business plan as a result. That business plan turned into a website which turned into my first paid client which turned into my business.

As you can see, all it took was one tiny step forward to set the entire plan into action. One foot in front of the other, one day at a time.

Wherever it is you are feeling stuck, pick a direction and dip your toes in. Try something on for size, whether it be a career or a business model. Test the waters, and let the momentum of the waves suck you in.


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