6 Steps To Be Positive Over The Phone & During An Interview

6 Steps To Be Positive Over The Phone & During An Interview

By now, the stress and emotional rollercoaster are felt and understood by thousands of job seekers. Positive thinking throughout the entire job search process helps job seekers be healthier, more productive and happier. However, for most people, it is hard to be positive on a regular basis or when job search hasn’t been as fruitful as you expected it to be.

Here are a few ways to be positive on the phone and in an interview.

On the phone

Communication can be broken down into 3 variables: tone of voice, body language and spoken words. Whether you are on the phone or in person, those variables are very important in portraying yourself as an optimistic and positive person.

While on a phone interview, or if you are networking over the phone, focus on the following:

Positive Words.

Even though spoken words consist of only 7% of communication, over the phone it is important to use positive and powerful words like Thank you very much for taking the time to speak to me” and “It would be my pleasure.” To foster happiness and positivity over the phone, be aware that what you say may affect the way the person perceives you.

Action step: Identify 5 positive and powerful words that resonate with you and make an effort to use them in your next conversation.

Be Mindful of Your Tone.

Your tone of voice is extremely important over the phone! Since the person cannot see you, you do not want your positive words to be taken the wrong way. The way you deliver your message can impact the way your interviewer or friend interpret it. The last thing you want is for the listener to think you are insincere or sarcastic.

Action step: Ask people that are close to you how you come across when you speak. Make an effort to practice with them how to come across as positive and not be taken the wrong way.

Body Language.

Even though the listener may not see you, your body language has an impact on how you come across in your tone of voice and in the language you use. Make sure that you are confident when you are speaking on the phone and adopt a positive attitude.

Action step: Next time you hop on a call make sure to sit up straight, smile genuinely and actively listen to the other person; don’t just stare aimlessly at the wall.


In An Interview

When it comes to being in an interview, body language is very important. Aside from the tips above that you can apply as well to an interview, here are a few more to get into a positive mindset prior to the interview:


Dress The Part.

The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable in your clothing at an interview. That being said, if you are a t-shirt-and-jeans kind of person and the job requires you to dress on the formal side, do not go in with your t-shirt and jeans.

Choose an outfit that is required for your potential job. Make sure to pick an outfit that does not make you feel restricted and or over-exposed. Choose an outfit that makes you feel powerful, confident, and sexy, and you will see that your posture and attitude will reflect confidence and assertiveness.

Know Your Expertise.

If walking in you do not feel like a perfect fit for the job, or that you have 50-60% of the required qualifications – Remember that they saw something about you on your application that intrigued them, and even think that you could bring a great perspective to the job. Your mindset might be what is stopping you from being positive and confident.

Action step: Before the interview create a list of your experiences, skills and qualities that relate to the job. Next, create a list of why you would be great at this job, what you can bring to the job and why you deserve the job.

Show Your Passion.

Being passionate about the career you are pursuing is a component that will affect your positive attitude.

Why did you apply for the job? What intrigued you about the job opportunity? What do you love about that role? What do you love about what you do? If you applied to the role solely to secure your next paycheck, then think about whether this role actually good for you.

Not just financially, but will it make you happier? Will it provide you positive energy and have a positive impact on you mentally and professionally?

If you know what you are passionate about and you demonstrate it in the interview through your positive words, your tone of voice and your body language then the interviewer will see a positive, confident and valuable person sitting across from them.

Being positive is not as easy as it sounds, but with actionable steps and a conscious mind you can turn your low energy and negative perspective into a positive one. You can also “fake it till you make it” when it comes to portraying yourself as a positive person. Everyone is different, therefore the strategies will depend on who you are. If you need help being positive in your job search and confident in your skills, then consider reaching out to a professional.


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